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Founded in November 2017, 4N Technology is one of the major players in the distribution solutions, services and products :
  • Formation an IT (networks, Cloud, Edge, IoT, The, CRM, Etc)
  • IT security (Antivirus, cybersecurity, Rgpd, Etc)
  • Electronic security (Video surveillance, Access control, alarms, Etc)
  • Environmental control (sensor solutions : temperature, humidity, flight, etc)
  • Mobile Network Products, 4G, 5G
  • Equipment Test and Measurement Mobile

Are all technologies mastered by our team to enhance our relationship with our customers.

4N Technologies offers a range of hardware solutions and easy software to deploy and use to accelerate the digital convergence process.

We operate in various economic sectors and continents, including Europe and Africa.

Since our establishment, we assisted several companies in control and acquisition solutions in the field of digital, always offering more ideal solutions to expand their own solutions to different industries.

4N Technologies is your reliable partner in the field of digital, as always offering innovative solutions.

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