Sql server

Installing and administering a SQL Server 2012. Define data access rights, manage storage. Manage backup and automate tasks

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Network Security

This Computer Network Security training provides you with a comprehensive overview of the standard threats that companies may encounter and the solutions to protect themselves.

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– Understanding the challenges and master the fundamentals of CRM.
•Formaliser les modes opératoires et les process client.
•Définir l’approche projet pour coordonner et piloter un projet CRM

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computer network

Discover our training networks and select the one for your needs. Learn about system administration : DevOps, Cisco, Supervision, Deployment.

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Windows Server

This training Windows Server Administrator 2016 prepares you to successfully pass the certification Microsoft – MCSA Windows Server 2016.

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Monitoring network

Introduction to Professional Monitoring - The different solutions for network monitoring.

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Cloud computing – Edge computing

Cette formation permet aux participants de développer leurs connaissances et leur compréhension des notions fondamentales du Cloud computing et du Edge Computing.

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Aws – Amazon Web Services

Découvrez notre Formation Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Administration and support, and attach skills with 4N Technologies

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Formation Linux RedHat 7 Administration according to the official curriculum certification. Our trainers are experts and Certified Consultants

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